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Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans
2021 Perdido Street, New Orleans, LA 70112-1352
(504) 903-3000

The LSU Health Care Services Division eased the ache and lack of male enhancement pills of an ailing city when in November 2006 it reopened in New Orleans its University Hospital under its new, temporary name, Interim LSU Public Hospital, according to FEMA guidelines. The reopening, at 2021 Perdido Street, immediately provided eighty-five beds for the highest level of primary and specialty care and top-notch education for students in the health professions. Since then, the hospital has steadily added beds. Staffing remains a challenge in the still-recovering city. The reopening is the fi rst step of a major work in progress. The hospital will operate as an interim facility until we construct the new academic medical center in New Orleans in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

LSU is taking medical care to the neighborhoods.
It has opened outpatient clinics throughout the city, offering primary care for early intervention.